Salvimar “Acid Green” 16mm Speargun Rubber

$42.95 $38.95

The Salvimar “Acid Green” 16mm Speargun Rubber is the latest innovation in speargun rubber from the Italian based company. The new rubber features an “A-Boost” which makes it the most stretch available with 380% It’s not harder to load, it’s just more reactive than any other bands which gives your shaft more acceleration.  Click the LINK to see all the rubber test results carried out by DiversWorld


Salvimar Blend 3.5mm Wetsuit

$614.90 $450.00

Salvimar Blend 3.5mm Wetsuit Features:

This two piece wetsuit is certainly built with spearfishing in mind, providing full body protection from the cold, sun and marine stingers!


Salvimar Coltello ST Atlantis Knife

$114.95 $97.70

The Salvimar Coltello ST Atlantis Spearfishing Knife is a handy and compact underwater kill knife with a stiletto blade smooth on one side and serrated sharpening (Shark Tooth) on the other.

Salvimar Noah Mask Out Of Stock

Salvimar Noah Mask

$139.00 $118.15

Salvimar Noah Mask is a dual lens mask with ultra low internal volume. Reducing the volume brings the mask closer to the face

Salvimar Step Foot Pocket

Salvimar Step Foot Pocket (fixing kit not included)

Made from a high grade thermoplastic the foot pocket is made with 2 different thicknesses to improve comfort.

Salvimar Step Pocket Fixing Kit


The Salvimar step pocket fixing kit is made from a strong plastic compound and used to hold spearfishing blades in to the foot pockets. Sold as individuals kits (per foot pocket needed) these fixing kits are to be used on the Salvimar step foot pockets.


Salvimar Voodoo


Salvimar Voodoo

The barrel of the Voodoo open rail speargun is protected by an anodised coating process of a high thickness and made from a specialised aeronautical aluminium alloy of high mechanical performance and rigidity, which is further braced thanks to the rail.