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Rob Allen 7.5mm Double Notch Gun Shaft


Rob Allen Gun Shaft Double Fin 7.5mm

  • Will suit all European styled guns
  • Designed to penetrate large deep bodied fish at longer range
  • 7.5mm shafts retain much of the kinetic energy at the edge of their range
  • Engineered from ultra tough oil quenched Carbon alloy spring tempered to 2100Mpa
  • 270 degree polished wishbone notches and polished line holes ensure minimum wear to your Dyneema and monofilament
  • Tri-cut tip to ensure excellent fish penetration

Rob Allen Inferno Railgun

$399.00 $336.00

Rob Allen Inferno Rob Available at Platinum Dealers only!

It’s so accurate, it’s almost unfair! The Rob Allen Inferno railgun is the latest Rob Allen Speargun


Rob Allen Inferno/MVD Roller Gun

$624.20 $599.00

Rob Allen Inferno MVD Roller Gun:

Built in-store from a standard Rob Allen inferno and MVD compact roller head. The Rob Allen Inferno MVD Roller Gun is also built with rear loading hooks to allow the pre tension to be taken of when not in use maximising rubber life.