Oceanic Rebel 5 Womens Suit

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The Oceainc Rebel series suits are built for extreme durability, perfect for those divers that are hard on their suits.



The Oceanic Rebel 5 Womens Suit is a female wetsuit built to last and is great for divers who are tough on their gear. All seams in the Oceanic Rebel 5 Womens Suit are glued and blind stitched to create strength and durability. The neck and wrist seals will prevent water from entering the wetsuit as they stick to your skin to create a seal.  The Oceanic Rebel 5 Womens Suit has knee, shoulder, elbow and bottom panels made from Oceanic’s “Supertex” fabric which is the toughest fabric, you can ware makes it a very durable suit. The smooth skin internal zipper pad will give you more comfort along your spin and prevent water from entering through the zip.

Features of the Oceanic Rebel 5 Suit are:

  • L-foam neoprene
  • Glued and blind stitched
  • Smooth skin wrist and neck seals
  • Anatomical 3-D cut
  • Ankle zip with Bat Wing
  • Supatex (tough fabric outer) knee, shoulder, bottom, elbow panels
  • Smooth skin internal spine pad
  • Double neck seal design – to couple with hood
  • Re-enforced pull tab at the zipper base
  • Available in 5mm and 7mm in both male and female

After every use, you will need to clean your wetsuit to get rid of the sea salt and sand. If it is not cleaned correctly it will deteriorate and the zipper could seize up due to the sand. You can purchase wetsuit wash from us at DiversWorld which you mix with water and clean you wetsuit in. The sooner after your dive, then better. Try not leave it a few days before you get around to doing it. A great way is to fill the bath tub up when you get home from your dive, add the wetsuit wash and your wetsuit and give it a through clean. Hang on a wetsuit hanger to drip dry ready for your next dive.

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