Enrollment Form & Species List
DiversWorld Cup 2017

Enrollment Form

The DiversWorld Cup is a competition run to promote the safe and sustainable fishing practices. This competition will be in teams of 2, and all fish weighed in will have their points calculated for you and your dive buddy.  There will also be a strict species list of only top grade eating fish.  Sustainable limits of fish weighed in only

Species List

The target species are Emperors, Tropical Snappers, Mackerel, Tusk-fish, Coral Trout and Crayfish the download has a more comprehensive list available


Every enterent must read and sign the waiver as a condition of entry.  Please download the forms to get registered

More Info

On the afternoon of the weigh in / presentation there will be a gold coin donation sausage sizzle with all proceeds
given to Toronga Blue Foundation. Tangaroa Blue Foundation is an Australian-wide not-for-profit organization
dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris, one of the major environmental issues worldwide.
WHEN: Competition date is 4th March 2017 weather permitting, with a back up date of the 11th March 2017.
WHERE: Briefing will be held at Diversworld (123 Sheridan Street, Cairns) at 6.30pm the night before competition starts. All
entrants must come to the briefing to receive their entrant bags and ID tags. Entrants must depart from the coast of
Far North Qld, at locations of the entrants choice.
WEIGH IN: Weigh in will be held at the rear of Diversworld on the day of competition and all entrants must be lined up
to weigh in by 5pm. Any entrants not in line by 5pm WILL NOT be able to weigh in. All fish will be weighed by the
weigh master on digital certified scales.
POINTS SYSTEM: There is a maximum of 2x fish species category weighed in per team (pair). Fish scoring will be
scored against the AUF QLD state records where a state record fish will be worth 100 points and a percentage of the
record will determine the amount of points you score for that fish. Eg a state record 10kg fish is worth 100 points,
meaning an 8kg fish weighed in is worth 80 points, and a 5.5kg fish is worth 55 points and so on. There is a most
meritorious prize, which DOES NOT have to be a species from the list weighed in. The Most Meritorious winner will be chosen by the Diversworld owners, Paul & Julie.