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AquaLung Express Closed Heel Fins

$120.00 $80.00

AquaLung Express has power for scuba diving and the sleek lines of a snorkeling fin, the Express is an excellent choice for warm water fins.
The highly elastic “armadillo” hinge at the base of the blade absorbs energy during the power stroke and releases at the end of the kick cycle to maximize thrust.
The blade is attached to the foot pocket using the Mid-Foot Flex Joint for efficient energy transfer and reduced leg strain.



Oceanic Rebel 5 Suit

$399.00 $320.00

The Oceainc Rebel series suits are built for extreme durability, perfect for those divers that are hard on their suits


Rob Allen Inferno/MVD Roller Gun

$624.20 $599.00

Rob Allen Inferno MVD Roller Gun:

Built in-store from a standard Rob Allen inferno and MVD compact roller head. The Rob Allen Inferno MVD Roller Gun is also built with rear loading hooks to allow the pre tension to be taken of when not in use maximising rubber life.