Aimrite Aluminum Venom


Aimrite Aluminum Venom has a unique feature call “Safety Assist” which is to assist in the accidental discharge of the gun while in the water


Aimrite King Venom Open Cell Wetsuit


Aimrite King Venom Open Cell Wetsuit utilises one of the worlds best wetsuit manufactures, Aimrite has developed the new King Venom wetsuit range which goes perfectly well with any ocean climate, adapting to both cool and warmer coastal environments as well as being great for in and around the reef.

Aimrite King Venom Speargun


The Aimrite King Venom Speargun currently stands at taking 4 world records and is the goto gun for anyone chasing bluewater spearfishing. The king venom utilizes a double carbon fibre wall construction that is filled with a high density foam over the cuttlebone wing section. the gun weighs 2.5 kg alone with a hefty 4.4mm wall thickness!!!



Aimrite Rage Custom Roller

$1,799.00 $1,599.00

Aimrite rage custom roller gun is newest roller to add to the aimrite collection. Over the past several months Aimrite divers from Australia, Hawaii and the Middle East have been using a new speargun called Rage. The Aimrite Rage Custom Roller Gun is our “purpose built roller gun.”

Aimrite Vengeance Reel


Aimrite’s new “Vengeance” spearfishing reel is made from the ultra strong compound of Delrin. The reels are made with a 1 piece spool in 2 different sizes.